October 4, 2012

T-ARA Spends Quality Time with Fans in Malaysia Through Showcase (4 VIDEO | 36 PICS)

Prior to their 7th song, they told the crowd that they love Malaysia!
True to their word, T-ARA's focus these days is on their international activities. They didn't disappoint in their Malaysia showcase.

Prior to their sold-out showcase to a crowd of nearly 4000 in Malaysia on October 3, T-ARA stood before media in Malaysia at the JW Marriott hotel, where they confidently answered questions.  Go down for the Q&A session.

During the showcase, T-ARA gave a solid performance fit for queens, and made good on their promise to interact and be more friendly towards the fans that continue to support them. They performed a total of 7 songs, mainly composed of their hits, "Roly Poly", "Lovey-dovey", "Bo beep Bo beep", "I Go Crazy Because of You", "Why Are You being Like This", "Day by Day" and "Sexy Love"

Interestingly, there appeared to be more fanboys than girls in the event, even seeing a fan shave his head with T-ARA letters.

The whole hall was packed with T-ara QUEENS, everyone gave their full support to the South Korea girl group thought they just went through a hard time.

As it was also aimed to be a fan meeting, T-ARA also did a game session with the fans, where two lucky fans got a chance to dance with T-ARA on stage.  The fans also gave T-ARA member Soyeon a birthday surprise at the end of the show.

Proving high demand for T-ARA in Malaysia, the audience requested for an Encore performance, in which they performed "Roly Poly" again.

The audience was treated with a high five session with T-ARA as the cap for the event.

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Q :
 Is this the first time for T-ARA to be in Malaysia?

A : (Eunjung) Yes, as a group, but for me this would be my second time. I have been here for a MBC "We Got Married" recording for a 'honeymoon'.

Q : How was the 'honeymoon'?

A : (Eunjung)  It was very sweet and Malaysian people are so kind and they welcome me so much, and this time as well so many fans come to welcome us.

Q : Did you know that there are a lot of great foods in Malaysia? Have you tried anything yet?

A : We don't really get the time to try Malaysian food, but after today's showcase we're going to try Malaysia food definitely.

Q : How many songs are you guys going to perform for tonight's showcase?

A : We're going to perform 7 songs. It'll be great if everyone can come to our showcase tonight. We have a language barrier; we're Korean and you're Malaysian, but we will try to speak in English on stage as much as we can.

Q : We saw your showcase earlier in Jeju Island, Hongkong and now Malaysia, what is your motivation to sing the same songs again and again?

A : Actually, before we go on stage, we dance to the song so many times and practice hard. Sometimes we're tired, but when we see fans cheering and supporting us, that's the happiest moment for us and we aren't tired anymore

Q : What do you expect from Malaysian fans tonight?

A : It's going to be a very great time with Malaysia fans and we hope they will have fun with us and enjoy our showcase.

Q : There are a lot of Kpop idols recently, how is T-ARA able to maintain so popular?

A : We always to try our best, not to be sexy or pretty, but to be more friendly towards fans.

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