October 29, 2012

Selena Gomez Threatens to Leave Justin Bieber Because She's Afraid

Die-hard romantics believe Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are destined to be together forever. Or not. Rumor has it JB's former Disney darling is thinking about giving him the boot because she's afraid to stay with him. What?! Is Selena implying that JB is crazy, controlling, and/or, heaven forbid, violent like his BFF Chris Brown? Relax, beliebers. The answer is none of the above. However, It seems the Teen Dream does have one unpleasant peccadillo. And it's a big one. He's a reckless driver.

Yes, according to sources, the Spring Breakers star is fed up with Biebs' speed demon antics behind the wheel, and she's told him to his face that she will kick his uber famous butt to the curb if he doesn't learn to slow down. It seems Justin has been speeding ever since he got a driver's license. And he often speeds with Selena in the car—often going over 100 mph. The last time he started pretending he was a NASCAR racer, La Gomez put her foot down. She threatened to jump out of the car. When her "Boyfriend" just laughed at her, she shrieked: "I'm NOT kidding." Fortunately, that snapped him back to reality, and he slowed down.
Sadly, Selena Gomez's man is suffering from a variety of unfortunate psychological conditions. First, he's a teenager, and teenagers tend to think they're invincible if not flat-out immortal. Second, he's a mega-rich pop deity adored by millions who scream at the mention of his name, and weep and faint in his presence. Third, he's surrounded by an entourage of employees, underlings, and hangers-on who are afraid to disagree with let alone criticize him for fear of being booted off the gravy train—er—losing his friendship.

Perhaps Selena should give Justin Bieber a biography of one of his idols to whom he has often been compared (in looks anyway), James Dean. The iconic 1950s actor/teen idol loved speed. In fact, he died en route to a race in Salinas, California. Sadly, he never made it. He was killed instantly in a horrific car crash. Ironically, he'd received a speeding ticket earlier that day. Dean died at the height of his fame and fortune. He was 24 years old.

If that doesn't wake Biebs up, she should dump him. Or at least never get in the car with him again

Good luck, Selena.

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