October 21, 2012

Rihanna leaves Chris Brown's website launch


DIE-HARD RIHANNA fans won’t be happy to hear CHRIS BROWN is close to worming his way back into her life full time.

He launched his new website at the weekend in Beverly Hills and she showed up to lend her support.
A source said: “They were hugging, making kissy-faces at each other, laughing and sharing drinks and a cigarette rollie.”

“It’s clear that they’re making no secret things are back on track.”

The pair made a big deal of leaving in separate cars, with Rihanna travelling alongside a girl pal. But it is believed the Diamonds singer has been planning her first public appearance with Chris as a couple.

She’s keen to show up with him at a big awards ceremony, arm-in-arm, over the next few months.

Open Road ... Chris Brown
Her new album is called Unapologetic, so at least you could argue she got her excuse in early.

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