October 2, 2012

Motorcycles from Watch Parts

If you were going to throw away your old watch and add to the metal pollution, wait a second!

Take a look at what digital curators like Dmitriy Khristenkho of Ukraine and Dan Tanenbaum of Canada are doing to stop these old watch parts from landing in the garbage can. Turning junk into spectacular mini bike sculptures, it’s a delight to see such intricate and detailed work of art.



These miniatures actually take a lot of time to be built as opposed to their size. Each part has to be shaped using grindstone to get perfect shape and size and then each component is painstakingly glued by hand to finish the masterpiece. It roughly takes about 50 hours to complete one model. Phew! So tiny but it sure is a hell lot of work! Since the work involved is a lot so are the returns, as each piece costs up to 700 pounds.

The makers of these motorcycles say that the most important part is to put together the two wheels, handle bars and petrol tank and the rest is pretty much an expression of one’s imagination. Of course sometimes the clients also ask for custom makes.

While most parts are those rescued from scrapheaps, some of the components on these motorcycles are parts from Vintage watches. Many people request to convert their ancestral watches into model bikes to immortalise their worth in an artistic way.

Super cool and incredible aren’t they??? Well next time don’t give away or throw your old watch. Just break it, shape it, stick it and make your own custom model bike. It’s not easy to make but for sure is an amazing art.

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