October 20, 2012

HK Billionaire Offers HK500mil to changes His Daugther Sexual Orientation

HONG Kong billionaire Cecil Chao is still hopeful that his lesbian daughter Gigi will become “straight” one day, China Press reported.

In an exclusive interview with ABC News' 20/20 segment, Chao, 76, said he did not agree with Gigi's sexual orientation even though it was her choice.
He also said what she had now might not be what she wanted in the future.

Chao became unhappy after Gigi's supposed marriage to partner Sean Eav.

He announced a HK$500mil (RM200mil) “marriage bounty” to any man who could change his daughter's mind.

“I have received over 20,000 letters and read about 100, with most of the writers saying they want to be Gigi's friend.”

He added that he had no plan to meet Gigi's partner.

In the interview, Gigi said her heart belonged to Eav and they were married in a chapel in Paris in April this year.

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