October 5, 2012

Hillary Clinton caught staring at Christina Aguilera cleavage

Stop looking at my boobs, Hillary!. Hillary Clinton honours Christina Aguilera in Washington DC for her hunger relief work

SOMETIMES all it takes is one photograph to turn a noble event into a story about boobs.

Unfortunately, that's what happened to Hillary Clinton's speech honouring Christina Aguilera's achievements as a UN World Food Program Ambassador Against Hunger.

Aguilera was wearing a low-cut purple dress that showed off her cleavage and the above photo from the event shows the Secretary of State staring at the singer's bust in a way that would have landed her husband in trouble.

The ceremony was part of the 11th annual George McGovern Leadership Award in Washington DC.
Aguilera has raised nearly $US115 million for the United Nation's World Food Program and other hunger relief organisations since 2007.

She has spoken in the past of her relief work, saying: "A child dies every 6 seconds of hunger, which is a huge statistic for me. After having my own child, I just had to be a part of it and do something about it and help change that situation."
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