September 11, 2012

U-KISS Reveals Teaser Photo from Mini Album ‘Stop Girl’ (VIDEO)

Preparing on returning to the spotlight, U-KISS released a still cut from its upcoming music video. 

On September 3, the U-KISS Twitter and official café released a photo featuring the six members (AJ is studying in New York’s Columbia University at the moment) for the group’s upcoming 7th mini album titled Stop Girl.

In a brightly lit and clean white room, the silhouettes of the members are shown, as they stand confidently in suits and trendy outfits. 

“U-KISS’ new album has a new color and the music is a big different than the ones in the market right now,” said a staff member. “We plan on upgrading the music of the idol group and think it’ll be enough to target the U.S. market.”

According to the Twitter post, 'Stop Girl' is scheduled to come out on September 20th. Are you ready?

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