September 27, 2012

'Next Top Model' semi-final loser: 'I'm not a one-trick pony'

Lisa Madden has become the last girl eliminated from Elle Macpherson's Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model before the show's grand final.

The Irish contestant was sent home after a "tough week" shooting on a Canadian lake, which saw her criticised by the judges for lacking versatility.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Lisa declared: "I personally don't think I'm a one-trick pony. I can understand why they might have thought that with the photograph this week, because maybe it is a similar face to one or two of my photographs, but not all of them."

On whether she thought Macpherson and the rest of the panel had overlooked her success in previous weeks, Lisa said: "In a way, I kind of wanted to say to them, 'I've won so many challenges, I've taken so many good photos'. 

"But everyone else had a good body of work at that stage of the competition, and I thought the only way they could go about it was going by the photo that was produced this week, so I suppose I can't put too much blame on them either."

The Cork-based model added that she holds no grudges against Letitia for her emotional plea at the call-out, even if it may have possibly swayed the judges' decision.

"I should have done one if it was [what saved her]," she jested. "Maybe it did help, but she was right to voice what she was feeling and she was right to stand up for herself at the time, so fair play to her. Even if it did keep her in, I suppose she deserves it because she did stand up for herself.

"All through the competition I said, 'I think I deserve to be here, I think I've shown you I have potential', so I feel they'd heard it enough [from me], the poor judges. 

"I was glad with the way I went about, and if it wasn't meant to be, it wasn't meant to be."

However, Lisa stated that Letitia would have her work cut out to beat Anita and Emma in the Next Top Model final.

"From day one, I thought [Emma] was a stand-out," she said. "I think Emma's absolutely gorgeous, she's really classically beautiful. 

"Emma produced some amazing photographs, but Anita just got so good. Throughout the competition, her progress is amazing. I think she had the biggest journey out of all of us." 

Lisa also revealed whether she had followed through with her promise to keep the short haircut she was given for the show.

Asked to describe her current hairstyle, the 20-year-old confessed: "It's a little bit longer, but I won't go as long as it used to be at all. A happy medium."

The Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model final airs next Monday (October 1) at 9pm on Sky Living.

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