September 6, 2012

Mariah Carey performs ‘Triumphant’ for 'NFL Kick-Off Concert' (VIDEO)

Mariah Carey definitely had the fans watching her on Wednesday night. The popular entertainer took the stage during the NFL Kick-Off Concert performance in New York City. With the backdrop of Rockefeller Plaza, the fans got to see the star sing her song as she indulged America by performing her new song Triumphant.

Rappers Meek Mill and Rick Ross were also on hand for the segment to provide the spoken lyrics in Triumphant making it similar to the actual studio version. Combining recorded video with an actual performance, the fans got to see a mini concert that gave everyone a unique impression of Mariah Carey’s latest music.

While the fans of Mariah were happy to see the diva, other fans were on the lookout for the band No Doubt who also performed during the game. With new music and a new season, there isn’t any question people were ready to find their favorite teams on the field and enjoy a night watching the players.

Take a look at the video clip of Mariah Carey performing for the NFL special presentation.

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