September 3, 2012

Lauren Pope is taking legal advice as 'hackers ruined her romance' with Prince Harry

'I can't believe they did it to me': TOWIE's Lauren Pope is taking legal advice as 'hackers ruined her romance' with Prince Harry
She's a reality TV star and he is royalty, yet Lauren Pope believes she had a chance at a romance with Prince Harry.

The Only Way Is Essex star believes that phone hackers ruined that chance and she is now taking legal advice.
According to the Daily Star Sunday, the 28-year-old may even sue following the revelation.

'I know now that details about me and Harry were ­published because of phone hacking,' Lauren said. 'I know for sure because police told me.

'It’s weird it happened to me. I can’t believe they did it, to be honest. Hopefully it doesn’t happen to people any more,' she added.

The TV star first met the Prince back in February 2004 on a night out at London nightclub Chinawhite.

Taking legal advice: TOWIE star Lauren Pope believes that her phone being hacked cost her a romance with Prince Harry

The pair apparently remained close for the rest of the night, and were seen dancing together until 3am.

But when details of this emerged, the pair were no longer in contact and at the time, Lauren had no clue about where the details of their friendship had come from.

'It looked like Lauren had sold her story to make a quick buck so it’s no surprise Harry cut all ties with her,' a friend of Laurens told the newspaper. 'But all along it was hacking that ruined everything for her.

No longer friends: Prince Harry, pictured here in July, cut all contact with Lauren Pope when details of their friendship emerged
'They were starting to get really close and if things had carried on that way Lauren really could have become a princess. She’s got every right to be angry that this happened to her.'

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