September 11, 2012

‘I didn’t audition to be Tom Cruise’s wife’

Lindsay Lohan has denied reports that she was approached as a potential wife for Tom Cruise in 2004.

A controversial article published in Vanity Fair magazine said, Lindsay met with Tom before he met Katie.

At first, she was super excited to work with Tom and thought it was about a role in Mission Impossible, the Mirror quoted the publication as writing, reports Times of India.

It soon became clear that he wasn’t looking for an actress but something very different, they wrote.

The 26-year-old actress hit back on Twitter, saying: I just want everyone and Tom Cruise to know, that I have/had NO part in the VF story.

Nor has anyone in my life, personal and work related, she wrote.

Her father Michael also supported her by saying that the Mission: Impossible had never called him up to ask her hand in marriage.

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