September 6, 2012

Florida couple arrested after 3-way sex romp

David and Mindi Rice, both 29, took part in a threeway under the influence of prescription drugs with a 24-year-old female friend on Aug. 29, 2012 at their Zephyrhills home.
Fla. - Florida police arrested a married couple after the wife pulled a gun on her husband when she caught him sneaking out to have sex with a woman who they had just had a three-way with, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

According to the newspaper, David and Mindi Rice, both 29, spent Wednesday evening injecting themselves with prescription drugs and having sex with another woman.

All three fell asleep, but deputies said Mindi woke early Thursday and found her husband trying to have sex again with their friend, this time without her. Mindi then grabbed a revolver, threatened to shoot the other woman and fired a round into the ceiling.

Deputies said David took the gun away and grabbed his wife by the throat while holding the gun to her face, threatening to kill her. He reportedly fired the gun and the bullet lodged in the wall.

The other woman called 911 and escaped at about 2 a.m., according to the Tampa Bay Times. The couple refused to come out of their home and a SWAT team arrived at the scene.

The standoff lasted for two hours until the couple came outside. Deputies stunned David with a Taser after he reportedly tried to fight them.

The couple was charged with aggravated assault. David faces an additional charge of obstructing officers. He was expected to appear in court in September on other charges of burglary, grand theft and drug possession.

Mindi was serving two years of felony probation for credit card fraud. Officials said she stole the credit card so she could bail her husband out of jail in a previous case.

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