September 23, 2012

Flavor Flav's clueless Miley Cyrus encounter (VIDEO)

Miley Cyrus recently cross-hair bleach and scissors, fans, fashion, and, most recently, Flavor Flav is completely messed up. The two ran into each other backstage at iheartradio Festival in Las Vegas on Friday night.

Cameras rolling Matti greeted by enthusiastic, "Gwen Stefani. Sharing laughter, Cyrus is dusted off and did not bother to correct the error, even after sharing, instant messaging, picture messaging and a hug.

The comparison should be used, without a doubt, the singer and P!Nk, which is still the same hairstyle. until they broke up, someone announced that Steve was surprised to find that she was Stefani, but Miley Cyrus! Matti returned but as soon as Cyrus sorry for, and all is well in the world.Flavor Flav later was seen talking to the real Gwen Stefani, when he was the winner of Lil Wayne concert at the forefront, it is hoped that he will not call her Miley Cyrus!

But let's Flavor Flav, inspired by and have the opportunity to succeed in the universe, perhaps Stefani and P! Nk should be called Miley for her Platinum blond palaces amazing? 


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