September 11, 2012

Angelina Jolie visits Syrian refugees in Jordan (VIDEO)

Angelina Jolie urges politicians to “figure something out soon” about Syrian war refugees.

The United Nations Ambassador visited Jordan Tuesday to greet Syrian refugees in a camp.

The asylum seekers are escaping the atrocities of their nation’s civil war. Droves, about 2000 per day, are seeking safety in bordering countries such as Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq.

With over 250,000 refugees in the region being processed by the UN at the moment, Angelina finds that action must be taken soon.

“I’m grateful to Jordan and all the border countries for keeping their borders open, for saving these people’s lives,” she told the Associated Press.

“They are dying in Syria. If they were unable to escape with their families, many of the people here, many of the people I met today would in fact be dead. It is an extraordinary thing that they are doing.

“[It’s] horrific and [time is] critical. We hope and pray that the politicians figure something out soon because people are dying. Hundreds and hundreds of people are dying every day.”

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