August 30, 2012

Vanessa Hudgens, Britney Spears Love “Gangnam Style!” (VIDEO)

Who among you is into Korean pop? Perhaps some of you have heard of “Gangnam Style” the latest #1 hit on the Billboard Korea K-Pop Hot 100 chart! Maybe it’s even one of your fave songs already? In that case you’re not alone! Vanessa Hudgens and pop princess Britney Spears are hooked on that Korean pop song too!

In fact, Vanessa let the whole world know how big a fan she is on her blog post on Tuesday! She posted that she’s amazingly obsessed with Gangnam Style! Have you seen the video of this song? What a choreography huh? Perhaps Vanessa was also trying on the crazy choreography when she made that post.

Britney is a huge fan too! She also wrote on Facebook how she loves the video and is thinking of learning the choreography, if somebody teaches her.

Well, it’s fun to think that they love music from other countries and not only American pop.

Are you like Vanessa and Brit who love “Gangnam Style?”

Watch the video below!

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