August 6, 2012

Selena Gomez Booted From Facebook

Will the real Selena Gomez please stand up
Selena Gomez has been banned from Facebook. But wait, it’s not THE Selena Gomez but an American teenager who shares the star’s name.

TMZ reports that Selena Miranda Gomez, an 18-year-old girl from New Mexico, United States, is saying that she was prohibited from accessing her FB account on Wednesday and told, in an error message, that her account had been disabled for violating Facebook terms. The message claimed that the account was disabled for being “inauthentic”. 

The teen told TMZ that she has contacted Facebook to have her account reactivated her account, but has yet to hear back from the company. 

Says this Selena: “I am not an imposter ... My name is not hers on my page. In fact, I even put my middle name on my FB to clear up any confusion. I did not have one single famous friend. I did not refer to myself as [the famous Selena], and I did not have any pictures of her on my page!”

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