August 29, 2012

Justin Bieber goes to 'X Factor'

Singer Justin Bieber is set to appear on the upcoming season of The X Factor.

According to E! Online, Bieber will be a celebrity mentor on the show, which means he will give advice to contestants once the top 16 acts are selected.

While shooting the series in the Hollywood Hills Monday, Bieber tweeted:

“long day but great day. @LA_Reid @ScooterBraun just like old times! Thanks”

As reported by Virgin Media, Nick Jonas will also reunite with Demi Lovato on the series this season as a mentor, although Fox, the network which airs the show, has not commented. Lovato is one of four Factor judges, along with Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid and Britney Spears.

Jonas, 19, has also petitioned to join the American Idol panel.

''The most fun about being on 'The X Factor' is seeing people that really wow you and knowing that you saw them before they were going to become stars. It really is an exciting feeling,” Lovato said. ''I would say that I'm a happy judge. I'm really, really honest. That's the great thing about this panel - we're really honest.''

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