July 20, 2012

Real or fake! Meet three breasted woman (VIDEO)

Do you remember 1990 film ‘Total Recall’ starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone? If yes, then you must remember the hot favourite mutant prostitute. Kaitlyn Leeb shocked everyone when she showed up real looking but prosthetic third breast at Comic-Con 2012 in San-Diego. We can say she gave Total Recall to the fans of this film by flaunting as a three breasted woman.

Leeb is best known for films like "Wrong Turn 4" and "Locked Down," but she's making a new name for herself as the "Seductive Woman" from "Total Recall,” Daily Mail reported.

In addition to the red satin dress, with the asymmetrical strip covering her nipples, Leeb donned a red plastic trench coat and over-the-knee black boots. The brunette posed in her red garment as the three-breasted hooker from "Total Recall," Reported Daily Mail.

According to a website, Len Weisman directing remake of the 1990 classic Total Recall promised the return of everyone’s favorite mutant prostitute or at least some new take on her.

The remake of Total Recall will hit the theaters on August 3.

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