July 24, 2012

New iPhone 5 release date rumored for September (VIDEO)

Internet rumours suggesting that Apple is set to announce details about a Steve Jobs-inspired iPhone 5 have been fuelled after the company gained control of the website domain name iPhone5.com.
According to rumor the new iPhone 5 release date will happen in September, instead of the earlier reported October date. Apparently Apple is hard at work on production of the highly-desired 6th generation handset in an effort to get the new iPhone in the hands of consumers as soon as possible. Of course a September release date for the iOS 6 device would be smart since it makes the iPhone available well head of the Christmas shopping season.

Besides the iPhone 5 release date rumors, analysts, bloggers, and consumers have been debating on what features and specs the new iPhone may include. According to an article at The Global Post, the handset is expected to have the smaller dock connector which has been rumored for some time. The smaller connector seems nice, but it will likely annoy a lot of iPhone users who've been faithful to the gadget since the first generation smartphone launched in 2007. After all, they will have to go out and buy all new accessories now.

The article also mentions "reports have speculated that it will include a larger, four-inch display, and a slimmer and taller design. Another feature will be an improved eight-megapixel camera." If these rumors are true the next iPhone will have the redesign so many have been waiting to see.

Leaked images of the much anticipated Apple iPhone 5

Another tidbit of information floating around the Internet is that Apple may not call their 6th generation smartphone the "iPhone 5" at all. Since the company did not call the new iPad the iPad 3, it's possible they will do the same with the once the new smartphone.

With all the iPhone 5 rumors going around, it's hard to know for sure what will happen, but September is right around the corner, so everyone will not have long to before they will find out if the new iPhone will actually launch in September.

Consumers can check out all the new Apple products online, or at their local Apple Store.

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