July 31, 2012

Kate Upton GQ Italia Cover: Molto Caldo Donna!

Kate Upton covers the Italian issue of GQ - GQ Italia if you will - and the photo shoot has us wondering how to say "very hot woman "in Italian.

We looked it up on Google. Hopefully the above headline is right.

Either way, she's hot, despite wearing more clothing than she has in a long time. At least in magazines. Check out Kate on the cover ...

Other things we need translated? "The skinny blogger who criticized her weight is an idiot." Well, we don't actually need that translated. But it is true and bears repeating.

In her last few spreads, Kate's gone away from the Terry Richardson method - showing as much skin as possible - and proven she looks great in clothes as well.

Click to enlarge more Kate Upton photos from GQ Italia below ...

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