July 31, 2012

Justin Bieber Writes ‘Dope’ Songs For Selena Gomez’s Next Album (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez may have no plans for a duet, but that doesn’t mean Justin isn’t writing for her! Will.i.am talked to MuchMusic recently and admitted that Justin allowed him to gear a song that he wrote and produced for girlfriend Selena.

Will.i.am confirms:

“Justin was like, ‘Yeah, I wrote it for Selena.’ It’s great. And it was really awesome. It was really, really dope.”

The songs should be expected to be on Selena’s next album that she’s currently working on as of right now.
You can hear about what Will.i.am had to say in regards of Justin writes songs for Selena in the video down below.

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