July 28, 2012

Justin Bieber cursing: Airplane cussing makes travelers angry

Justin Bieber couldn't control his cursing on a recent flight. The young heart-throb showcased quite the potty mouth on a recent flight. While he was in "First Class," Bieber angered a lot of passengers when he and his posse started swearing loudly. On July 27, TMZ reported that one woman—a mother of two—told Bieber to simmer down and told him that his language was inappropriate.

According to a source close to The Biebs, he was really embarrassed and he "quickly apologized." This behavior isn't really surprising. Justin is an 18-year-old kid and it seems that cursing is just a part of teenage life. However, he shouldn't really be swearing loudly on an airplane and disturbing other passengers. That's not cool no matter who you are.

Justin Bieber's cursing probably isn't out of control, but he should mind his manners whenever he is in public. The mom that stood up for herself and all of the other passengers on the flight was somewhat brave. No one wants to create an awkward moment, but it sounds like it was necessary for someone to tell Bieber to watch his language.

Justin might feel like he's untouchable sometimes, but generally speaking, he seems like a really polite kid. That, however, doesn't always matter. Kids will be kids no matter how well they were raised or how famous they may be.

Justin Bieber's cursing should be put in check from time to time. Hopefully he learns to keep his potty mouth quiet when he's in close quarters with other people—especially on a long flight.

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