July 18, 2012

Jessica Alba shares trip in Shanghai with fans (6 PICS)

Jessica Alba in Shanghai

Jessica Alba arrived in Shanghai on Wednesday for work, but she brought along her fans. The popular celebrity decided to do something special on this latest outing and has been taking photos of her journey and sharing them.

“Color is everywhere in ‪Shanghai‬,” tweeted Jessica Alba from her official Twitter account on Wednesday. She took several photos showing how stunning the color was in the places she visited.

From boarding the plane to her dumpling soup, the star gives life a look in a very simple and straightforward way. The photos, taken while she is working and getting used to the city, definitely have a very unique impact. From the skyline of Shanghai to the foods served, everything seems to be an entirely different culture that Alba is willing to share with the fans.

Jessica Alba is in Shanghai to promote Honest Company and its holding of fair trade products. Obviously excited about the trip, she wants to share the best of the journey with her fans while still getting her work done.

Take a look at the photos of Jessica Alba in Shanghai. It appears she is enjoying herself immensely.

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