June 4, 2012

Yelawolf Preps New EP, 11-Minute ‘Horror’ Music Video

Yelawolf has some big plans for the coming months, including a new EP with Travis Barker and a lengthy video for his track “Growin’ Up in the Gutter.” And that’s not all – the rapper will begin prepping his next album, tentatively titled Love Story, later this summer.

The video for “Growin’ Up in the Gutter,” which Yelawolf calls a “horror film,” clocks in at 11 minutes. The rapper say the clip, which has yet to get an official release date, is “really over the top, really… intense. It’s super controversial. It was supposed to be out a couple months ago, but there’s a lot of legal bullshit, clearing footage and stuff. That’s put a damper on it, but it’ll be coming out soon.”

But don’t worry because in the meantime Yelawolf has recorded a new EP called Psycho White with blink-182 drummer Travis Barker. The EP features a guest spot from Rancid’s Tim Armstrong and also has yet to receive a release date. Yelawolf said, “I don’t know Travis’ situation fully, the legals of it, whether it’s going to be free or sold or whatever. It’ll be available. As artists, hopefully we can get it on the shelves, but we’ll get it out there somehow. I’m just hyped for people to hear it.”

Check it out below:

As for his new album, which will follow-up Radioactive? The rapper said, “I did ‘Radioactive’ in two weeks, and I don’t want to feel that rushed ever again. I felt like we definitely did a great job on ‘Radioactive.’ I’m very proud of it. But just looking up to people, the pioneers who put out great albums, I’d like to put a few months into a great album. I know what I hear and I know what I feel as far as making an album; even if I record it in two weeks, I want to sit with it and fuck with it and see what I can do – not overthink it and be weird, but just put more time and thought into an actual album.”

Can’t stand the wait? We have an exclusive live video of Yelawolf performing at Hangout Fest to tide you over.

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