June 25, 2012

Thank Obama For Dr. Mursi's Win In Egypt (VIDEO)

During the “Arab Spring,” when huge crowds surged into Tahrir Square to demand Mubarak step down, Community Organizer-in-Chief Obama with a figurative bullhorn in hand was the first to proclaim “the people have spoken.” Of course, the mob represented something like .01%  of the entire population of Egypt, but never mind. Never mind that it was clear, like Obama’s “grassroots” Occupy movement, that the entire “revolution” was organized by radicals from the top down.

When conservatives like Glenn Beck sounded the siren song that we should take into account the possibility that the Muslim Brotherhood might come into power if Mubarak stepped down, Obama’s liberal talking heads made the rounds on the news circuits, proclaiming that it was “impossible” for the Muslim Brotherhood to win in a democratic election as they only made up about 5% of the population.

It’s odd now that the Muslim Brotherhood has gained power, Obama and the liberal talking heads who championed democracy in Egypt are silent. Where is Obama’s bullhorn now?

When Egypt tries to exterminate Israel (and make no mistake, they will), you can thank Obama for helping to bring it about.

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