June 23, 2012

Miley Cyrus wears ANOTHER pair of hotpants

If you cover up her legs, you cut off the source of all her power. Apparently. 
She's worn three pairs of tiny shorts in three days. She'll never wear trousers again. Should we be worried?

To be fair, if we looked as good as Miley Cyrus does, we'd never wear trousers either. In fact, you'd probably have to follow us around with a blanket, as we'd hardly ever be wearing clothes.

And, it looks like the singer, 19, feels the same way as she's worn her third pair of hotpants in three days.

The latest tiny shorts were a faded denim pair that she wore with a cropped stripey top and knee-high boots in LA yesterday. Miley had just left a Pilates class.

So hang on, is that her GYM outfit? There's no way those shorts can be comfortable to do Pilates in. Can they?

She looks delighted with her outfit. And so she should be.

How will she sit down in the car? Is it weird we're this worried? 
Miley was holding onto her drink pretty tightly, so we couldn't see the new engagement ring that she's so obsessed with. Her boyfriend, actor, Liam Hemsworth, 22, proposed on May 31st, and loved-up Miley Tweeted: "Will I ever quit staring at my finger?" and then days later, "I love being a fiancee!"

Those photographers are just interested in her fashion, honestly
Alright, smug off with your hot boyfriend, posh ring and lovely life, Miley.

She's not planning to get married very soon (she's currently recording a new album with Pharrell Williams) but that's probably a good thing. We know Miley's country, but hotpants instead of a wedding dress would be a bit TOO much.

Miley over the last three days: hot. Or er, hotpants.

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