June 7, 2012

Miley Cyrus Posts Braless Pic Online

Miley shocks fans by exposing her nipples and posting a pic of her holding something up to her wrist? What is it? A friend of Miley’s explains all!

Miley Cyrus is no stranger to controversy, but her latest braless shot had people talking when she held out her wrist suspiciously in an almost transparent shirt! A source close to the singer tells us what the photo means.

Miley, 19, was photographed with the picture posted by one of her friends on to Instagram with the handle chucksvintage. There wasn’t a message attached, but the picture seemed a little scary at first!

Her friend laughs off any speculation this has anything to do with Miley cutting herself, saying, “It’s just a freaking bracelet picture and it’s a bracelet she’s had and worn for years. Clearly, she isn’t cutting herself. It’s a handcuff bracelet and she’s just showing it off, that’s all. Like really, she’s not cutting herself. It’s simply a bracelet she’s showing off,” explains the source.

What’s more, her friend says she’s very happy with Liam and everything, and would not do anything to harm herself despite recent photos of cuts on her wrist. “She’s engaged and has a lot going on right now — she’s beyond happy and the last thing she would ever do would cut herself.”

Phew! We’re glad to hear Miley is healthy and happy!

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