June 17, 2012

Miley Cyrus Engagement Ring Details

Miley Cyrus is sporting a huge engagement ring, given to her by fiancé Liam Hemsworth. The center 3.5 carat diamond flashes with a vintage fire, because the stone was cut more than a century ago. It's a cushion-cut style, which means it is squarish with rounded edges, like a sofa pillow. Perfect for a modern bride with vintage tastes. Neil Lane, the ring's designer, was honored when Liam Hemsworth asked him to create a ring for the singer/actress, reports NYDaily News. The bit of bling has been appraised at around $250,000.

"Hopefully it's something different," Lane says. "It's all handmade." That's a touch Miley Cyrus can appreciate. The jeweler prefers working with antique gems. "I like these kinds of stones. I think they're very romantic. It's a contemporary design with a vintage feel. I think we got it right."

Actually, the style has more than just a vintage feel; it looks as if it could have come right off some 19th century damsel's finger. Or perhaps out of a museum. The setting is large, of yellow gold, and studded all over with smaller diamonds and intricate designs worked into the metal. It's a ring that would look equally lovely with a colored stone, and such copies are available all over. Miley Cyrus's ring has already joined the ranks of celeb bling knockoffs. So far, it's very popular.

The young engaged couple is popular, too. Liam Hemsworth will be busy making Catching Fire, and the potential bride has several projects in the works.

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