June 19, 2012

Madonna performs the world's slowest striptease

Anything Gaga can do, I can do better: Madonna films a video promo in Florence. Picture: Guy Oseary / Twitter
MADONNA'S MDNA tour is not only a chance to hear 30 years' worth of classic pop but an opportunity to see the world's slowest striptease.

The 53-year-old singer seems keen to bare her breasts but not all at once. Last week she gave fans in Istanbul a view of her right nipple, this week she's given Florence a chance to ogle her cleavage.

Madonna was snapped in the Italian city wearing leather shorts, fishnet stockings, an Alice band and a black bra that pushed and squeezed her bust in ways not even Kim Kardashian could imagine.

Her cleavage looked as if it was going to swallow the cross around her neck.

Madonna's racy get-up was for a video promo she was filming.

Madonna's manager Guy Oseary tweeted this picture of the shoot.

She spent much of the day surrounded by beefcake dancers while perched on the back of a convertible.
Between scenes, the superstar protected her ivory skin from the sun with a blue lace umbrella.

Madonna caters for all types and she knows that not everyone is interested in her breasts. For this reason she gave crowds at her gig in Rome a long look at her bottom.

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