June 14, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Lied To Cops About Driving The Porsche?

Lindsay Lohan has allegedly lied to the police after her rented Porsche hit a truck on the Pacific Coast Highway on Friday. Reportedly, she told the officers that she wasn’t driving the Porsche when the collision happened.

As a result of the accident, Lindsay was taken to the hospital where she spent roughly two hours being checked out. When the police arrived, she advised them that her assistant had been driving. The problem is that Lindsay’s assistant later told the police that Lindsay was the one who was actually driving.

This presents a problem for LiLo as she could get her probation revoked for lying to the cops. TMZ reports that the police are filing their report which has Lindsay’s claim that she wasn’t the driver. Considering that it’s a crime to provide false information to cops, she could get her probation violated.

We’re sure that this is going to end up just like any other case involving the prospect of Lindsay going to jail. She’ll get a slap on the wrist and nothing will come of it. What do you think? Will she do jail time for lying to cops?

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