June 4, 2012

Lana Del Rey Debuts New Track At LA Show (VIDEO)

Lana Del Rey performed at Los Angeles’ El Rey Theater last night and debuted a brand new track called “Body Electric.” The show, Del Rey’s first official LA show in six months, was reportedly pretty solid and this new song has been well-received so far. Which means things might be looking up for the heavily criticized singer.

Del Rey performed ten songs, including the new number, and refused an encore. According to NME, who reviewed the show, the singer parted ways with the audience at the end by saying, “I fucking love you.”

As you can see from the fan video of “Body Electric,” Del Rey performed with a selection of musician, including string players. The track, a sultry ballad, features the lyric “Jesus is my bestest friend” and the familiar chorus of “I sing the body electric.” It’s a nice enough song and it sounds like the rest of Del Rey’s work. We’d be curious to hear it in a recorded version because live it comes across as fairly stripped down. Watch below:

What do you think of Del Rey’s new song? How does it measure up to the tracks from her album? Tell us your thoughts in the comments while you re-watch her interview with Myspace from a few months ago.

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