June 13, 2012

Lady Gaga Gets Black Eye After On-Stage Accident

Ouch. After Lady Gaga suffered a head injury onstage over the weekend, the pop star has revealed the massive black eye she sustained as a result. Although it’s not terrible considering Gaga actually got a concussion from the incident.

The singer was smacked in the head with a pole during her performance in New Zealand on Sunday night. And, somehow, the pop star finished the show. Well it sounds like she is feeling better now – it just doesn’t look like it. Gaga tweeted last night, “Thank you so much for all the thoughtful messages. I feel a bit woozy but a little better everyday. Very happy to be in beautiful Australia.” She added along with a photo, “Emerging from hours of sleep. Still remiss if I should go outside, with this clonker I may be of questionable styling.”

May we just say again, OUCH! Although, frankly, we’re now convinced that Gaga can do anything. If you can finish a performance to a mass of screaming fans after getting whacked in the head, then, well, you can probably make it through just about anything.

And, plus, we’re sure Gaga has incorporated this bruise into some really classy fashion ensemble and has started some kind of unfortunate fashion trend. Not convinced? Watch the below video of Gaga getting hit in the head and decide for yourself:

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