June 10, 2012

Kristen Danyal, Miss Michigan USA, Claims She Doesn't Swallow

Kristen Danyal, Miss Michigan USA, is finding herself in some hot water this week after a photo of her apparently partying HARD hit the web.

But rest assured, she says she does not drink. Mmm hmm.

Despite the image below, Kristen insists that she did not have even ONE DROP of vodka during the Miss USA 2012 after party in Vegas Sunday.

The 27-year-old swears she doesn't drink whatsoever - she's not "that kind of person" - but posed for the photo above because friends goaded her into it.

Kristen told TMZ, which posted the image, "Everyone was telling me to drink and wanted me to drink, but everyone that knows me knows I don’t drink.”

Danual says friends just tried to make her laugh: “I had friends who came to watch me and other girls from previous pageants saying 'Drink! Drink!'"

"They knew I was upset about losing the pageant and tried to cheer me up."

Basically, there's no way of proving she drank it, and as Bill Clinton proved, you can make absurd excuses like this and still be revered in 15 years.

Also, Sheena Monnin is occupying all of D-Trump's wrath at the moment.

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