June 14, 2012

Kate Winslet Angers Fans: 'She Was So Rude'

Kate Winslet has been accused of snubbing a huge group of fans whilst filming her new movie 'Labor Day'.

The star was in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, when the drama kicked off. Fans who had waited in terrible weather to meet her were allegedly left broken-hearted when she failed to acknowledge them.

One dejected admirer, Shanna Swan, told Star magazine: "Kate was so rude, she never once acknowledged any of us, I was devastated.

"She gave dirty looks to people in my town who waited hours to see her. Upon her arrival everyone was yelling 'Kate we love you!' and you could hear everyone gasping with excitement when her black Cadillac pulled up."

She continued: "She always plays such warm people on the big screen, I thought she would be kind, so when she was mean, I was crushed.

"I watched 'Titanic' 13 times when I was 12 years old, and Kate wouldn't even look up for a second to acknowledge we were all adoring her.

"Everyone in town was really hurt. After she took off, one lady right next to me specifically said, 'Wow. How rude was that?'"

Kate was recently named as a recipient of a CBE in the Queen's Birthday honours.

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