June 10, 2012

Karina Brez Denies Sheena Monnin Claims, Role in Miss USA Scandal (10 PICS)

Karina Brez, the reigning Miss Florida title holder, is speaking out and denying the allegations lobbed by former Miss Pennsylvania Sheena Monnin this week.

Specifically, that Brez found out Miss USA is rigged.

Monnin is now being sued by the Miss Universe Organization over her accusations, which stem from Brez's alleged discussion of seeing a list of the five finalists before last week's pageant even took place - which Brez denied.

Sheena Monnin claims Brez said she saw the list of the final five, but Miss Florida claims what she saw did not reflect the big Miss USA winner(s).

"Looking back, it's definitely a rehearsal list, because from the names that I read off that sheet, it wasn't even the top five," Brez told E! News.

The pageant's eventual winner, Olivia Culpo, wasn't even on it, she adds.

"It was nowhere close to what [Monnin] is saying, so her claims are incorrect ... I know that I made the comment out loud saying something about a rehearsal list backstage ... maybe she assumed that I said a fact, [while] I said it jokingly."

"I honestly don't even remember speaking to her ... I feel bad at how this has been handled ... [Monnin's] been taking it just way too far."

When Donald Trump seems like the voice of reason, we'd have to agree.

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