June 18, 2012

Justin Bieber hits MMVAs 2012 red carpet with Jaxon, not Selena Gomez (9 PICS)

On June 17, Justin Bieber took to the MMVAs 2012 red carpet at the MuchMusic headquarters in Toronto, but the Biebs did not do the event's catwalk with his girl, Selena Gomez.

To be sure, Selena was all gussied us, as was to be expected since she is always one to bring out her inner fashionista when it comes to picking the right wardrobe for this kind of magical event.

The former Disney princess, who was garbed in a very short mini that produced plenty of leg, was on hand for her Canadian boyfriend who will likely sing "Boyfriend" when he hits the MuchMusic Video Awards stage later this evening.

Meanwhile, Justin Bieber preceded Selena on the red carpet with his little brother Jaxon. Bieber was wearing all black and had a huge cross hanging around his neck.

Stay tuned for more sartorial statements from the MuchMusic Awards 2012 as Justin Bieber, Jaxon and Selena Gomez make their way into this year's MMVAs via the celebratory red carpet.

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