June 5, 2012

Jolie's thoughts on film marriage to Pitt

Jolie and Brad Pitt on the Mr. and Mrs. Smith set.
Angelina Jolie has gone through a lot of phases in her life — gothic teen, bride of Billy Bob Thornton, and today, mom of six, A-list actress and humanitarian, always stirring up buzz along the way. As one of America's most famous women turns 37 on June 4, omg! brings you five of the most honest, odd, and outrageous things she's ever uttered.

On the vial of then-husband's Billy Bob Thornton's blood she once wore around her neck: "It's my husband's blood … which is beautiful to me, you know? Some people like diamonds around their necks or things like that. I think that's beautiful. And it makes me, it's his life." — MSNBC interview with Ann Curry, June 2001. Jolie later admitted that the vial was really filled with a piece of paper stained with a tiny bit of blood, but it sure did seem weird back then. She abruptly took it off when the two split in 2002.

On receiving her Best Supporting Actress Oscar for "Girl Interrupted": "I'm in shock. And I'm so in love with my brother right now, he just held me and said he loved me." — Jolie's acceptance speech at the 2000 Academy Awards. Sure, we all love our siblings, but the term "in love," coupled with her smooching her brother, James Haven, on the lips in front of cameras on the same night, threw the public for a loop, and the speech has dogged her ever since.

Angelina Jolie's Leg-Baring Looks

On being paired with Brad Pitt for the film "Mr. and Mrs. Smith": "It's actually a very funny combination. My opinion of marriage comes from a very cynical place, so the question 'Do you want to kill your spouse?' is a serious thing. And he comes from a place of 'What a funny idea, to kill the person you're married to,' because he has a happy marriage." — Vogue, March 2004. Today, of course, this comment seems especially fascinating considering that the "happy marriage" between Pitt and his then-wife Jennifer Aniston ended within a year of this interview, and he then coincidentally struck up a relationship with Jolie. Eight years later, the couple is raising six children together and is engaged to be married.
Jolie and ex Billy Bob Thornton.
On not being the touchy-feely type: "It's not going to accomplish anything to cry. It's not going to help you to get a hug! I'm not a hugger. People make fun of me. It's something that I have a hard time with. If someone hugs me, I hold my breath. Snuggling, cuddling, hugging, crying - all that stuff makes me very uncomfortable." — Vogue, January 2007. Based on this tidbit, any and all hugs must have a strict time limit, lest the Oscar winner pass out due to a lack of oxygen.

On her appearance: "I am odd-looking. I sometimes think I look like a funny Muppet." — Unknown. We can't verify to whom she said this, but Angelina, trust me, you look nothing like a Muppet. Seriously. (Though if you ever want to belt out "Rainbow Connection," it would surely become a YouTube sensation.)

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