June 20, 2012

Gordon Ramsay hails Beckhams as he bounces back

Good pals: Gordon and David at a ball game in LA
GORDON RAMSAY has told how he bounced back from the brink after one of the worst years of his life – thanks to help from showbiz pals the Beckhams.

And the traumatic events that hit the chef – he was left facing financial oblivion with his multi-million company in dire straits and his family at war – have made his marriage to Tana even stronger.

The Scot said: “It was a personal blow and I felt let down by many people. But you regroup and come back and now me and Tana have never ever been this close.”

Things reached a head for the Ramsay empire late in 2010, when the 45-year-old was forced to sack his own father-in-law Chris Hutcheson who wasn’t just the company boss but also his closest friend.

The decision led to Hutcheson writing to his daughter, Gordon’s wife Tana, saying she was “not welcome anywhere near our door”, adding: “ Until you dispose of that man, you are not welcome back.”

A series of acrimonious lawsuits – including claims that Chris hacked Ramsay’s computer - followed as the chef’s company teetered on the edge of financial disaster.

Happier now: Gordon is closer to wife Tana

But Ramsay said David and Victoria Beckham “were just extraordinary” with their help and support.

He said: “They really were great. People thought we were going to escape the UK and live in LA permanently. But I’m a fighter and there was no chance of me giving up and going there.”

Tana had to choose between her parents and her husband, but Ramsay said she has moved on.

He said: “Boys like me and Chris are always going to fight but to have your mum ignore you – that was hard. She took this negativity on the chin and just poured it into her work with her new salon.

“There was almost a relief that we found out about Chris hacking my computer and all that dreadfulness. Whether they liked it or not, they got found out.”

Support: The Beckhams were a big help to troubled Gordon
Ramsay was awarded £250,000 in legal costs after a judge found his father-in-law and other members of his family had illegally accessed his computers.

The High Court was told Hutcheson had raised two children with Frances Collins, his mistress. It also emerged that Hutcheson had another mistress Sara Stewart – unbeknown to Tana and the rest of the family.

At the same time, Ramsay had to cope with his firm being “on the verge of going bankrupt”.

He said: “Nobody was really focusing. I thought, ‘I am going to save this company. This is it’.”
But Ramsay says his cash troubles were nothing compared to his traumatic upbringing.

He said: “If you saw all the council estates that I lived in and all the s***holes and Transit vans I’ve been in the back of. Not to mention all the times where my dad sat at home all day drunk, with my mum doing two jobs.
Hard time: Gordon Ramsay outside Brixton prison

TV persona: Now Gordon's back with another Channel 4 show
“That’s how I grew up and I don’t sit there and ever think of giving up because of the s***storm in my company.

“In the end, though, I’m going to work twice as hard as anyone to make sure I turn it around.”

Now Gordon is throwing himself into TV work.

Ch4’s Gordon Behind Bars sees the chef go into Brixton prison for six months, where he sets up a kitchen – Bad Boys’ Bakery – and teaches 12 inmates to cook.

● Gordon Behind Bars is on Channel 4 on Tuesday, June 26, at 9pm

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