June 9, 2012

Catherine Zeta-Jones: Life is sweet

Catherine Zeta-Jones is elated that her "prayers were answered" in regards to her husband's health.

The actress and her partner Michael Douglas were devastated when he was diagnosed with throat cancer last year.

Catherine feels that Michael's remission from the disease is miraculous.

"I am really happy to report that Michael is doing A1," she said on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. "You know those prayers were answered."

Catherine was also treated for bipolar disorder around the time Michael was struck with cancer. She has since returned to vigour.

"I am very well, Yes I am doing extremely well there is a nothing quite like being hit by a two by four and it was one of those years that was like 'These things don't happen to us?' " she shared. "But the reality is that they are happening to so many people all around the world, and we are no different to them, and it gives us a new appreciation of what we can do and how strong a relationship can be.

"And the sweeter things in life are much sweeter."

Catherine's new movie Rock of Ages will be released in the US June 15.

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