June 19, 2012

Britney Spears Receives Emotional Surprise On X Factor

We can’t wait until Britney Spears starts her role as a judge on X Factor and the drama apparently already started on Sunday when she got emotional and started crying after someone from her past showed up as a hopeful contestant.

People magazine says Spears instantly told her fellow panelists Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid and Demi Lovato, “I know him … We did a duet together 10 years ago.” A source added, “You could see that Britney recognized him straight away … She got this huge smile on her face and her eyes lit up. It was so sweet.”

In the aftermath it has been confirmed that the contestant was former pop hopeful Don Philip who performed a duet with Spears on the ballad “I Will Still Love You” from her 1999 debut …Baby One More Time. Philip also reportedly told the judges and audiences that he was gay and Spears voiced support for her friend.

“She’s been through a lot in those 10 years, too, so it must have been a shock for her to see him,” the source added. “You could tell she was emotional and she really felt for him especially when he was crying, but she also stayed calm.” There is still no word on if Philip made the cut but we’re sure we’ll find out when the episode airs.

So what do you think of Spears’ tearful reunion? Let us know in the comments section below as you listen to some Britney Spears Radio.

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