June 29, 2012

Ashley Benson accidentally reveals her tears dress

Let it rip! Ashley Benson accidentally reveals her cheeky side as her dress tears on night out in Hollywood 
As Queen Bee Hanna Marin in her hit show, Pretty Little Liars, actress Ashley Benson wouldn't be 
caught dead wearing a dress with a big rip at the back.

But that's what happened to the 22-year-old last night as she partied in Hollywood. 

Ashley walked into one of her favourite nightspots, Chateau Marmont with her dressed already slashed down the back.

The rip was exactly the length of her derriere.

Despite the gash, it was a beautiful willowy cotton gown in hues of beige-y pink that flowed to her feet. The dress had a splash of tie-dyed orange at the hem.

She accessorized it with an expensive leather jacket and fun beige woven purse. 

Cute co-stars: Ashley partied with Ashley Benson last night

The Days of Our Lives star who has a role in the upcoming Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez movie, Spring Breakers, walked into the nightclub with an unidentified male friend.

While there, she met up with co-star Shay Mitchell. Ashley posted a photo of her and Shay together in the club - and they walked out together arm and arm. 

Oops: Ashley Benson began a night of partying in Hollywood with a visible slash right in the back area of her dress 
Great from the front: Ashley's hair and makeup was super chic as were her accessories
Shay, who plays lesbian Emily Fields on the show, wore the same type of cotton dress, but hers was green - and had no visible marks!

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