May 14, 2012

U-KISS Successfully Performance in Colombia (16 PICS)

On May 12 we reported the arrival and private fan meeting U-KISS held for the first time in Colombia.

Today we bring you the details regarding their presentation live at the "Evento 40" held at the Simon Bolivar park in Bogotá, Colombia together with other fifteen artists.

Moments before going on stage, the boys held a short interview in which they got asked about their thoughts on Colombia, about the food and their impression about the Colombian fans. Soo Hyun answered, "We are very excited, we were surprised to see all those fans waiting for us at the airport. Colombia is beautiful." Then the interviewer asked them about their ideal types of women to which Eli answered, "I like petite and chubby girls so I can hug them all the time" while Soo Hyun answered that he was more into the type "like the MC" to which brought out the laughter of everybody on the set.

The day unfortunately was rainy but that didn't stop U-KISS' fans to be there and show incredible support. When finally U-KISS went on stage, they showed an exciting performance. They greeted their fans in English and they also spoke a few phrases in Spanish. After that, Kevin, Eli and AJ spoke to their fans and made promises of coming back to Colombia next year with a concert of their own.

They performed "Man Man Ha Ni," "Neverland," and "Bingeul, Bingeul." KissMes felt it was such a short time but they all enjoyed the performance to the fullest. The event was also broadcasted online and it had a huge streaming from countries all over the world such as China, Japan, Mexico, Chile, Argentina and even countries of Europe. The event had a total of 50,000 people, most of them were there only to see U-KISS performing.

After the successful event, U-KISS spent the whole sunday sightseeing Bogotá city, they visited the Simon Bolivar Plaza (place where are located most of the important and emblematic buildings of the city) and the Monserrat Mountain to which you can access by cable railway, funicular or walking (usually it takes from 2 to 3 hours to get to the top and there you can find a church and different types of places to buy gifts and even eat.)

U-KISS will be coming back to Korea on Monday to continue with their busy schedules.

Check out the special pictures of the event down below and the pictures of the member's Twitters of their sightseeing through the city.

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