May 15, 2012

Things To Love About Emma Watson [PHOTOS]

Emma Watson will always be one of those young actresses who have started and remained flawlessly lovely.

Watson has captured a lot of hearts when she played her childhood roles with the 'Harry Potter' film series, and is now making more hearts fall for her with her teasing sensual appeal (especially when the actress sported a sexy, pixie haircut).

10 interesting things to know and love about the actress who we all once adored as Hermione.

  • Emma Watson was born in France, making her fluent in French. She lived in the said country for five years

  • Among the 'Harry Potter' book series, her favourite is the 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.'

  • Emma enjoys scuba diving and even got her PADI certification, allowing her to dive anywhere in the world.

  • Watson is not just good in acting. She also has the talent for singing and dancing as she had her training at the Stagecoach Theatre Arts in Oxford.

  • She was lucky enough to visit the Wizard World of Harry Potter at the Universal Studios which not all members of the cast were able to do so.

  • She and her brother, Alex, modelled for high end fashion brand, Burberry.

  • She once admitted that she is obsessed with French pharmacies.

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