May 6, 2012

Tennis star dresses for her shape

Serena Williams works her best assets.
Serena Williams wears clothes that are "really great for curves".

The tennis star is known for her love of fashion both on and off the court, and has her own labels, Aneres and Signature Statement.

Williams knows how to dress for her athletic frame.

"I look for things that are really great for curves. I have a really small waist, so I like high-waisted pieces. And I love tank tops," she explained in an interview with Stylelist.

Williams has sported a range of hairstyles in the past, including long braids, straightened tresses and soft dark curls. The 30-year-old star says maintaining her hair's health is hard at times.

"If you just embrace your natural curl and rock that, I think that's the best way to style it when working out," she said.

Williams was also asked to name her must-have beauty product.

"Right now it is actually eyeliner, which I actually just got into like four days ago. I think eyeliner is cool because you can jazz up your eyes and it helps to distract from other areas on the face that you may not feel comfortable with," she admitted.

She said a bikini-ready body wasn't too hard an ask, with a little work.

"All you really have to do is a great 30-minute run or walk to get in shape for bikini season. Sometimes it's hard because you don't have the time, but it's tough and you have to get it in," she said. "I focus on the core because as a tennis player you have to run, move and get balls. Lifting my own body weight is something I've recently started doing, too."

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