May 12, 2012

Selena Gomez Switch To Secret Hotel In Bulgaria

Poor, Selena! The teen starlet reportedly has to move hotels because fans in Bulgaria aren’t letting her sleep!
Despite efforts to keep Selena Gomez‘s lodging details a secret, fans in Bulgaria were able to track the young actress down at her hotel. The teen queen is there to film the upcoming action flick The Getaway with co-star Ethan Hawke.

Shooting is taking place at night, so Selena is expected to sleep during the day. But according to, a Bulgarian entertainment site, fans found out that Selena was staying at the Grand Hotel Sofia and wouldn’t leave her alone.

They were outside shouting her name to come out, when she was just trying to get some shut eye before a long night of work. Selena will be moving to an undisclosed location on Saturday, so she can be on top of her game for the rest of the movie shoot.

While we know Selena loves her fans, we hope that they let Selena keep shooting without too many disruptions. Tell us what YOU think? Do you think it’s wrong for her fans to keep her from sleeping?

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