May 3, 2012

Saudi Arabia man suffered from a electrical accident (11 PICS)

Mr. Alfredo Salmos is our kababayan who suffered from a electrical accident while at work 2 years ago. He was in comatose for 1 month and his current physical condition is deteriorating.

With no family to take care of him here in Jeddah, KSA and no job to sustain his daily needs for the 2 years that he has been here, Mr. Alfredo is asking for our help and assistance by sharing his information and his current situation to our reach the authorities.

He only wishes to go home and be with his family. Please take a closer look and see how much he is suffering...HE NEEDS OUR HELP.

Please share this post if you care, let all your facebook friends and organizations be a tool to expedite his case. YOU MAY CONTACT MR. ALFREDO SALMOS @ 0564623287 your simple gesture of sharing his plight counts as a great help for him.

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