May 9, 2012

One Direction singer Louis insures bottom for £100,000

Louis Tomlinson, a member of British boy band One Direction, knows what one of his biggest assets is: his bum. Tomlinson is going to extreme measures to protect it, band mate Harry Styles recently revealed.

Styles told British tabloid the Daily Star that Tomlinson has taken out an insurance policy on his bottom for £100,000 or about $161,000. “Louis has insured his bum just like J.Lo.,” Styles told the publication. He added that both the band and Tomlinson’s family support his decision.

According to Australia’s Daily Telegraph, insurance agents did have to take a look at Tomlinson’s backside. However, Styles was mum about just how close they had to look.

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One Direction has a rabid legion of fans around the world. So, it’s likely that they could wind up injuring Tomlinson’s rear. “Some would call our fans crazy, but we feel they are passionate. They do like to touch us and feel us, and it is a bit strange. Some of the lads have been touched in some unusual places,” the 20-year-old told the Daily Star.

He added that their bodyguards “...can only do so much. No-one has sustained any injuries yet, but you never can be too careful.”

The Daily Star also spoke to 18-year-old Liam Payne, who revealed that his father has no idea just how big the band is. Payne said that when he took his father on tour in New York, “He was like: ‘Go on, we will just go out of the front door’, but I explained we can’t do that anymore, we would get mobbed.”

One Direction recently announced that they will be touring North America again in 2013. Their hit, “What Makes You Beautiful,” will be performed on Glee Tuesday.

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