May 23, 2012

Nicole Scherzinger Has Wardrobe Malfunction (4 PICS)

Nicole Scherzinger's curve-hugging black dress was a showstopper at the London premiere of "Men in Black II on Wednesday. The only problem? Stairs.

The former "X Factor" judge looked stunning in the strapless, corseted Cengiz Abazoglu gown, featuring a slit from her upper thigh down, which showed off her long legs. But when she had to descend a staircase at the red-carpet event, things got a little … problematic. The Pussycat Dolls singer, who also had on sky-high, peep-toe platform stilettos by Giuseppe Zanotti, had to navigate the stairs while firmly pressing her hands to her dress by the top of the slit, for fear she would show too much. Her boyfriend, race car driver Lewis Hamilton, was by her side trying to assist.

When Scherzinger, 33, reached the bottom of the stairs, her team raced over to see if they could do anything to help. Perhaps she tore the dress a little because when posing for solo photos, she again kept her hand pressed against the gown's slit.

Scherzinger's small role in the Will Smith flick is her first big gig since Simon Cowell cut her and Paula Abdul from the "X Factor" judging panel. Earlier this week it was announced that Britney Spears and Demi Lovato would be the replacements.

"This is my very first big film ever," Scherzinger said this week. "This is a huge honor. I'm a huge fan of Josh [Brolin] and Tommy Lee [Jones], and Will [Smith] is a good friend of mine — we've actually done music together in the past … Will is just brilliant. He was born with a gift. He's a bright light."

In the movie, she plays Lilly Poison, who she describes as a very fun character. She's the girlfriend to the villain in the movie, Boris the Animal, played by Jemaine Clement. I get to actually open the film, so you'll have to go see it to find out what happens after that."

Let's hope her costumes in "MIB:III" were a bit more maneuverable than her red carpet ensemble!

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