May 15, 2012

Lady Gaga’s NEW Meat Dress

If you think you have seen the last of Lady Gaga’s meat dress, think again.

Looks like Gaga is so in love with her meat dress that she has revisited the idea. Gaga has had a second outfit made that looks like raw meat for her 'Born This Way Ball' world tour, following her famous or rather infamous flesh costume at the 2010 MTV VMAs.

"Photo from The Born This Way Ball Tokyo. Americano by by Terry Richardson," Gaga tweeted with a link to the image. The picture shows Gaga performing Americano during her recent concert in Tokyo, while carcasses of meat hang around her on stage. Ewwww!

Gaga recently confessed that she has been sick during her concerts in Asia as the routines and energy required for the shows are demanding. The 'Born This Way Ball' will continue in Taiwan at the Nangan World Trade Centre in Taipei on 17 May.

Gaga sure knows how to create a sensation even if it means rehashing her own idea. 

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