May 14, 2012

Lady Gaga mugging enormous sparkly ring

But she's not actually going to tie the knot, TMZ reports

Mrs Lady Gaga? Not so fast.

A photo of Lady Gaga mugging with an enormous sparkly ring started a celebrity news frenzy Sunday.

"Gaga showing off her new engagement ring!" read the caption on a snapshot posted online by fashion photographer Terry Richardson, who is traveling with the pop diva in Japan.

The photo of a giant rock on the singer’s elaborately decorated ring finger appears to have been taken at her hotel before an outing to Tokyo’s Disneyland. It was posted to Richardson’s site on Sunday.

Gossip blogs had into a collective conniption fit - until TMZ reported it was just a ring and that Gaga is not engaged to anyone.

A manager at Joanne Trattoria, the W. 68th St. restaurant owned by Gaga's parents, confirmed there was no nuptial news.

For a little while, fans had fun imagining the spectacle Gaga would stage.

"It would be space meets vampires in a bird cage; with a bleeding heart, and diamonds!" said Brianna Cohen, 23.

Naisha Richardson, 23, was already picturing the wedding dress.

"She wouldn't be wearing a normal wedding dress. She would probably wear a tree - and she would be a beautiful tree,” Richardson said.

The 26-year-old New Yorker, born Stefani Germanotta, who is in the midst of her global Born This Way Ball tour, recently

dated "Vampire Diaries" actor Taylor Kinney.

They are said to have broken up so she could concentrate on her world tour.

Gaga’s most recent tweet, posted Saturday, was admiring of a woman who killed her husband and almost got away with it.

“I want to be her!” she wrote - hardly the sentiments of a blushing bride to be.

Gaga’s publicist did not immediately respond to messages.

Gaga, the most flamboyant performer of her generation, keeps her personal life relatively private.

She previously dated New York bartender Luc Carl, who inspired some of her most famous songs.

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